Issue #14 - Unpacking Fintech Themes: Embedded Fintech

  1. Overview on Fintech themes

  2. Open Banking

  3. Banking-as-a-Service

  4. Embedded Finance

  5. Embedded Fintech

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Where it Fits

A term coined recently by Ron Shevlin, Embedded Fintech refers to the integration of fintech products and services into traditional financial institutions' offerings. Embedded Fintech enables banks to increase the speed at which they can deliver Fintech-like services, including Embedded Finance (i.e. distribution of banking services by non-banks) and Banking-as-a-Service (i.e. banks delivering services via API). It was catalyzed by Open Banking (i.e. banks sharing customer data via API).

Why it Matters

Use Cases & Collaboration Models

Key Players

There’s too many players to cover, so check out these lists.

Source: Fintechna


Source: Cornerstone Advisors


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Thanks for the inspiration:  Trent Bigelow, Mario Bricio, Steve Cocheo, David Davies, Benjamin Ensor, Anias Gerety, Nakul Gupta, Matt Harris, Alessandro Hatami, Daniel Hayes, Ellen Humphreys, Sanjib Kalita, Mike Ross Kane, Jeroen van der Kroft, Ricardo Latournerie, Dion Lisle, Jim Marous, Omri Mor, William Morales, Tyler Munro, Chris Nichols, Duncan Painter, Javier Perez, John Petersson, Ian Pollari, Murray Raisbeck, Scott Raspa, Eric Rosenthal, Frank Rotman, Alyssa Schroer, Hector Shibata, Lisa Shields, Ron Shevlin, Scarlett Sieber, Chris Skinner, Israel Sotonwa, Angela Strange, Simon Taylor, Simon Torrence, Zac Townsend