Issue #12 - Unpacking Fintech Themes: Banking-as-a-Service

Here is an overview of the series:

  1. Overview on Fintech themes

  2. Open Banking

  3. Banking-as-a-Service

  4. Embedded Finance

  5. Embedded Fintech

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Where it Fits

Banking-as-a-Service (i.e. banks delivering services via API) is an enabler for Embedded Finance (i.e. distribution of banking services by non-banks). It was catalyzed by Open Banking (i.e. banks sharing customer data via API) and is a driver of Embedded Fintech (i.e. integration of fintech offerings by banks).

Why it Matters

Use Cases

Image Source: World Banking Retail Report 2021

Key Players

There’s too many players to cover in this article, so here’s some links to great lists.



Thanks for the inspiration: Anish Acharya, Nicolas Benady, James Bessenbach, Patrick Dickson, Dion Lisle, Bernard Lunn, Jim Marous, Dharmesh Mistry, William Morales, Chris Nichols, Ben Robinson, Frank Rotman, Rex Salisbury, Ron Shevlin, Chris Skinner, Israel Sotonwa, Angela Strange, Bill Streeter, Simon Taylor, Luc Teboul, Simon Torrence, Zac Townsend, Rajiv Yadlapalli