Issue #11 - Unpacking Fintech Themes: Open Banking

Here’s the overview for the series of articles on:

  1. Open Banking

  2. Banking as a Service 

  3. Embedded Finance

  4. Embedded Fintech

Where it Fits

Open Banking (i.e. banks sharing customer data via API) is a catalyst for Embedded Finance (i.e. distribution of banking services by non-banks), and an enabler of both Embedded Fintech (i.e. integration of fintech offerings by banks) and Banking-as-a-Service (i.e. banks delivering services via API).

Why it Matters

Use Cases



Key Players

There’s too many players to cover in this article, so here’s some links to great lists.


Thanks for the inspiration: Tarun Bhasin, Tim Cooper, Biao Hao, Seshika Fernando, Andrew Gilboy, Sarah Howelll, Dion Lisle, Jim Marous, Chris Nichols, Søren Nielsen, John Peterson, Scarlett Sieber, Ron Shevlin, James Varga, Craig Vosburg

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