Issue #26 - Cash Management’s New Normal

“Companies can build on their initial response to the pandemic to elevate their cash-management capabilities.”

Cash Flow Forecasting is the most inefficient component of corporations’ financial operations.

The Cash Management Systems market will explode to $40B by 2025.

By leveraging Open Banking and Accounting APIs, Fintechs are changing the definition of Cash Management. Here’s a few examples:

Agicap - Cash Monitoring and Forecasting for SMBs

Description: Software-as-a-Service provides real-time cash flow forecasting and monitoring for SMBs

Problem it Solves: European small and mid-sized businesses that operate across multiple markets and use cloud accounting systems don’t have the resources or expertise to maintain real time cash-flow monitoring or forecasting processes which puts them at a disadvantage to larger competitors. 

Secret Sauce: Automates cash reconciliation, forecasting and monitoring with integrations to over 300 European banks and 150 accounting packages. With so many integrations already complete, they’re leading the race to dominating the European market. 

Founded: 2016

Total Raised: $119M

Headquarters: Lyon, France - Automating Enterprise Cash Management

Description: Open banking platform that lets companies instantly know how much cash they have, forecast more quickly, and manage cash flow with precision.

Problem it solves: Cash analysis and forecasting workflows in enterprises are labor intensive and error-prone, leaving finance teams and c-level executives without the tools they need to maintain their competitiveness.

Secret Sauce: By integrating with commercial banks, they eliminate the need for legacy implementations and IT support, making enterprise-grade cash management as easy as self-service SaaS offerings. Assuming they add some additional capabilities, solutions like this could easily unseat legacy TMS providers.

Founded: 2016

Total Raised: $30.6M

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Treasure - Corporate Grade Finance for SMBs

Description: Software-as-a-Service helps small and mid-sized enterprises optimize their cash management and yields.  

Problem it Solves: Small and mid-sized companies can’t afford sophisticated finance teams and fancy software to maintain good cash forecasting and monitoring practices, let alone invest their idle cash for a reasonable return. 

Secret Sauce: Treasure helps SMBs generate the same yields off their idle cash that a big corporation would, but without finance teams or software investments. Their AI analyzes AP, AR and payment behaviors to identify liquidity requirements, and automatically sweep idle cash into high-grade, liquid investments that generate yields far in excess of bank deposits.

Founded: 2016

Total Raised: $6.5M

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Disclosure: Mike Sigal is an advisor to Treasure

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