Issue #9 - Banking Vice: The Ultimate A2A Use Case

Banking Vice: The ultimate A2A use case

Vendors know that helping banks deliver A2A services will be big business.

Moral implications aside, banking emerging regulatory environments like gaming, cannabis, and crypto accelerates the adoption of A2A payments.

Quote of the Week: “hyper-efficient non-banks are just killing the banks.”

Don’t think for a second it’s limited to the mortgage business:

Case Study: Standard Chartered’s exploration of embedded finance for eCommerce

Banks that rely on traditional credit scoring keep ceding business to fintechs and marketplaces doing embedded finance for eCommerce merchants. Standard Chartered is one of a handful of banks that have been investing to carve out a role in the skyrocketing digital commerce space.

[Disclosure: I’m an advisor to Standard Chartered’s corporate venture fund]

Funding, M&A and IPOs





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