Issue #19 - What's the value of Commerce Data?

  1. Investigating Payments Data

  2. Where does Financial Data come from?

  3. What’s the value of Commerce Data?

Much of the opportunity, and investment justification of data-rich payments lies outside traditional payment processes, yet most payments professionals spend little time thinking about the value of data beyond what’s required to initiate, clear, and settle a payment.

Last week’s edition of Tracking Payments highlighted Financial Data (including Payments Data), as well as some high-level information and samples about business data.

This week’s overview of how merchants think about using Commerce Data to drive their business helps frame the strategic value of data-rich payments for merchants that consume payments services.

What is Commerce Data?

“Commerce data is a set of purchase and intent data that gives insight into consumer behaviors and journeys. It typically includes, but is not limited to, information such as demographics, location, pages and products viewed, last product purchase, offline sales, and other intent signals such as ad clicks. Commerce data can also include contextual data from publishers, such as URLs, contextual categories, and keywords.”

The Value of Commerce Data to Bank Customers

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